14 Dec 2022

Veriox® DECON is Shown to Kill Biological Warfare Agent, Anthrax


DECEMBER 14, 2022 


Veriox® DECON is Shown to Kill Biological Warfare Agent, Anthrax 


December 14, 2022 (Ft. Collins, CO) – Armis Biopharma® Inc., announced today that the product, Veriox® DECON was successful in destroying the Sterne strain of anthrax spores on canine skin. A poster describing this efficacy was displayed at the DTRA sponsored 2022 CBD S+T Conference in San Francisco, CA during December 7-8, by the DEVCOM Chemical and Biological Center of the U.S. Army. 


Armis Biopharma® Inc., is a privately held biopharmaceutical company that is devoted to developing and commercializing products that are effective in reducing the risk of infectious disease and antimicrobial resistant infections. Product development is focused on surface disinfection, human and animal wound care, oral care, food safety and decontamination of chemical and biological warfare agents.  

Veriox® DECON is a colorless, aqueous liquid that deactivates chemical and biological agents, specifically designed to treat service dogs. 

Veriox® based products are environmentally safe, degrading to non-toxic components in the environment. 


Service dogs (or K-9 dogs) are often deployed to detect toxic threat materials and are at considerable risk of being exposed to such toxic chemicals or pathogenic bacteria. Rapid decontamination is highly desirable when the K-9 is exposed to biological pathogenic spores. Viable biological pathogenic spores pose a serious risk to the K-9, the dog operators, and the environment. Wipes soaked in 2%, 4%, or 6% of Veriox® DECON inactivated biological pathogenic spores.