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  • Biological-Sterile Lavage: Applications in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, human and animal wound care, surgical wound care
  • Biological-Sterile Wash: Applications as Over the Counter human and animal pre-surgical wash, preventative/therapeutic hygiene regimen and preventative animal wash
  • Non-Biological Surfaces: Applications as a medical device coating, hard surface spray, oral denture and prosthetics soak
  • Small Bone Implant: Novel small bone implant with unique design intended to facilitate early ambulation and procedure success. Upon 510(K) clearance, we intend to develop a Veriox® based coating which may be used on a wide variety of orthopedic implants
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The first active agent from our platform technology, VERIOX® , has undergone significant pre-clinical efficacy and safety testing.  Using VERIOX® as our first-generation active agent, we intend VERIOX® to target areas that are underserved in terms of new technology and clinical outcomes in the orthopedics, wound and surgical spaces.

We are pursuing three VERIOX® -containing medical products for uses in the wound, orthopedic and dermatology markets.  Simultaneously with our product development efforts, we are beginning to develop the product manufacturing and commercialization infrastructure to bring our technology to market and to partner with other companies to bring value to their product lines.