solutions to Decrease The Quantity And Severity Of Infections 

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Decrease The Quantity And Severity Of Infections That Cause Human Suffering And Death Through The Creation And Development Of Novel, Targeted, Antimicrobial Therapies

Our Approach

We have developed an approach to address the ever-growing threat of drug resistant infections using targeted or localized, as opposed to systemic, administration.

Our approach affords the opportunity to increase the efficacy and lower the toxicity of antimicrobial agents by:

1.  Increasing the local concentrations and overcoming drug resistance.

2.  Lowering the systemic exposure and, as a result, lowering the toxicity of the drugs.

The products being developed by Armis Biopharma® will be for the treatment and prevention of localized, drug-resistant infections. We will initially focus on the large and unmet needs in surface, tissue, orthopedic and other antinfective applications.

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