Arming Humanity With Weapons
To Fight Drug Resistant Infections ™


Our mission is to decrease the quantity and severity of infections that cause human suffering and death through the creation and development of novel, targeted, antimicrobial therapies:

The Company’s lead technology, Veriox®, is a first-of-its-kind, proprietary peracid/hydrogen peroxide based non-systemic, non-resistant antimicrobial agent. Veriox® features a novel Mechanism of Action (M of A) that reduces the likelihood of contributing to resistance against Gram+, Gram-, viral, fungal and chemical/biological warfare pathogens.

The Veriox® platform has numerous anti-infective applications including: Surface Disinfectants (i.e. hospital patient rooms, operating rooms, ventilators, etc.), Coatings for Surgical Devices, and other applications where a topical antimicrobial agent is desired.

High concentration of
active agent with low
systemic exposure
Prophylactic and
therapeutic efficacy
Reduced cost of care to
hospitals, insurers,
and patients
Versatile platforms in the war
on resistant and preventable
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Armis is focused on efficacious, non-systemic, non-resistant antimicrobials that work as monotherapies and/or may increase the efficacy of existing systemic antibiotics.

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Leadership Team


19 Nov 2020
Armis Biopharma Announces 510(k) Clearance for VeriFixx™ Small Bone Implant

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04 Nov 2020
Armis Biopharma Announces Grant Award from the National Institutes of Health

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04 Jun 2020
Armis Biopharma Announces the Launch of ArmiClenz™ Surface Disinfectant

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