Arming Humanity
with Weapons to
Fight Drug
Resistant Infections


Armis Biopharma is a late-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company with a growing pipeline of targeted anti-infective therapeutics designed to address antibiotic resistance and healthcare-associated infections, a serious and rapidly growing phenomenon.

The Company’s lead product candidate, Ximycin™, is a patented, first-of-its-kind localized antimicrobial therapy derived from a combination of a gram-positive agent, vancomycin, and a gram-negative agent, gentamicin, two potent well-established and accepted agents. Ximycin™ utilizes a proprietary sustained-release delivery method via gel formulation, enabling temporally-extended, broad spectrum polymicrobial coverage in the incision site. Ximycin is initially being developed for use as a prophylactic therapy for the mitigation or prevention of multi-drug resistant surgical site infections (“SSIs”), including multi-drug resistant gram-negative and/or gram-positive infections.

Armis is also focused on developing and commercializing a proprietary, first-of-its-kind, peracid-based anti-infective technology and acquiring other synergistic technologies/products.

Our mission is to decrease the quantity and severity of infections that cause human suffering and death through the creation and development of novel, targeted antimicrobial therapies designed to achieve:

High concentration of
active agent with low
systemic exposure
Prophylactic and
therapeutic efficacy
Reduced cost of care to
hospitals, insurers,
and patients
Versatile platforms in the war
on resistant and preventable
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We are focused on targeted/localized antimicrobial agents that may work in tandem with systemic antimicrobial agents or could be used as monotherapies to provide better patient outcomes. A key part of our strategy is to in-license/acquire systemic antimicrobial therapies that fit our commercial objectives.

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Leadership Team


07 Feb 2018
Armis Biopharma to Present at the BIO CEO & Investor Conference

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29 Jan 2018
Armis Biopharma Granted QIDP for Lead Product, Ximycin™ for Prophylaxis of Surgical Site Infections in High-Risk Patients Undergoing Non-Emergent Colorectal Surgery

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09 Jan 2018
Armis Biopharma to Present at Biotech Showcase™ 2018

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